In-House Fertility Yoga with Instructor Amanda!

Dr Amanda WaaldykAbout Amanda
Dr Amanda Waaldyk is a registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine, a Fertility Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher and Energy Healer.

Amanda has a special interest in fertility, women’s health, hormones and supporting women through every phase of life.

Amanda’s believes in an integrative approach of whole-body medicine and guiding her patients to ultimate health.

Amanda strives to educate her clients to listen and to reconnect with their bodies to help navigate their way back to balance naturally.

Further Information

  • Classes are also open to partners and no previous yoga experience is required.
  • Most importantly, these sessions are about self-care and connecting to the community of both women and men through shared experience.
  • These classes have been created to support you through your fertility journey from Egg Collection

Fertility Yoga Classes

Single Session   $25.00

Package of 5     $100.00

Call us on 9132 9644 to book your session!

Due to the current COVID restrictions in Melbourne we cannot offer in person Fertility Yoga sessions.  Please click below and enjoy a recorded session with Dr Amanda Waaldyk at the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I participate in a fertility yoga class post transfer?
It is recommended to wait 5 days post your transfer before participating in a fertility yoga class. If you have a history of miscarriages, we recommend only participating and returning to yoga at 12 weeks and have clearance from your Doctor.
If I’ve had a miscarriage when can I return to yoga?
It is recommended to wait until your period.
Please allow adequate time for your body and womb to heal.
Can my partner attend?
Absolutely your partner can attend. We love to see partners at our yoga classes. Both can benefit from yoga.
Can I attend yoga during pregnancy?
It is recommended to wait until you’ve had your dating scan and have clearance from your IVF specialist and Doctor. We normally recommend returning to yoga around 9 – 12 weeks.
Can I attend during my period?
Absolutely. Moving your body during your period will help to ease grief and help move through the emotional, mental and physical body.
Can I participate after egg collection?
Yes, you can participate after egg collection. Yoga poses will be modified to help assist in the healing and prepare your womb for transfer.
Can I drink or eat during a fertility yoga class?
It is not recommended to eat during a fertility yoga class. Please bring a water bottle. If you have low blood pressure, please bring a little snack to support your blood glucose.
Can I attend during the two week wait (2WW)
Yes, please attend our Fertility Yin Restore class on a Tuesday evening.


  • RELEASES EMOTIONAL TENSION and toxins that build up over time when not processed (tension of any kind obstructs energy and blood flow)
  • BALANCES THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM by reducing the levels of cortisol – the stress hormones.
  • DETOXIFIES THE BODY by supporting the lymphatic system
  • IMPROVE DIGESTION AND ASSIMILATION OF NUTRIENTS into the body thereby creating a healthier environment for egg quality and cell growth
  • INCREASES ENERGY AND BLOOD FLOW (nutrients, oxygen, hormones) to the reproductive system.
  • Creates overall health and wellness of reproductive organs and the body, ENHANCING THE FUNCTIONS OF THE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS to create a healthier environment for pregnancy.
  • CREATES CONFIDENCE IN OUR BODY and cultivates a COMPASSIONATE AND TRUSTING relationship with our body, and that we can and are doing to work needed to achieve successful pregnancy
  • REDUCES PHYSIOLOGICAL PROCESSES OF STRESS. These are well recognized through research and studies as known barriers to conceiving. Stress is one of the top barriers to fertility. Yoga reverses the stress response and creates healthy hormone balance. While the stress response is instinctive, the relaxation response must be learned through activities like yoga and breathing.
  • Cultivates emotional and mood stability, REDUCES ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, and helps to process difficult emotions that can cause blockages to fertility.