Pre-Labour Acupuncture Sessions

Have you considered a birthing plan and preparation for labour?

Acupuncture is a fantastic way to help prepare the body for birth and may assist in shortening labour duration and intensity.

Starting at 37 weeks, treatments once a week can help to centre you and prepare you for the final step before Motherhood.

Pre-Labour Acupuncture Sessions

Pre-Labour Acupuncture may help to improve circulation to the uterus, cervix and the lower back to reduce the intensity of contraction waves, as well as lowering stress hormones, so that birthing hormones can build gradually.

During the Pre-Labour Acupuncture consultation, your practitioner can also go through diet, supplements and teas that can best prepare your baby and you for a natural birth.

Other Acupuncture treatments that are also helpful during the third trimester, include moxibustion, to help breech babies and Induction Acupuncture if you have already reached full term.

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