General Practitioner

Dr Elissa Heineke

Dr Elissa Heineke graduated from Monash University in 2010 and went into specialty General Practice training in 2013. After working at practices across Melbourne, she developed a special interest in women’s health. She joined renowned fertility specialist Dr Lynn Burmeister in 2018 as a surgical assistant and to help educate women about fertility preservation. She has attended conferences in Australia and internationally on gynaecology and reproductive medicine.

She enjoys providing holistic care to girls and women of all ages. She has a patient centred approach and encourages lifestyle change and general wellness to support medical treatment of menstrual issues, fertility concerns and pregnancy care through to menopause.

Elissa is a shared care affiliate at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Monash Health, Eastern Health and Western Health. She has a number of years’ experience supporting and caring for women throughout their fertility and pregnancy journeys, from planning to antenatal and postpartum care.

Working with Dr Lynn Burmeister, Elissa has developed a passion for empowering women to take control of their fertility and reproductive health. She understands that all women experience different circumstances in life and prides herself in providing appropriate medical care, support and education throughout a woman’s reproductive years.